Vigilante Studios is a digital training and production studio located in downtown Bonners Ferry. We specialize in graphic design, digital applications, illustration, 3D modelling, interactive media, and animation. The studio is equipped with 12 workstations for members and clients. Our mission is to train artists in the digital environment, provide services and create an artist community.


A Vigilante Studios member receives access to the studio Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. In certain circumstances hours may be adjusted to accommodate a members schedule. Each member will be assigned a machine. A membership includes access to a workstation, fiber-optic internet, and access to rendering stations for 3D. All members will recieve guidance and technical assistance whenever possible. A member can attend a weekend workshop free if not filled. A membership is the best deal for those who need training and plan to use the studio often.

Private Training

Private training is available for those who need one-on-one training.
(appointment needed)

Studio Time

The studio has 10 workstations and 2 high end rendering machines for studio use. Two types of studio time are available based on an hourly rate. A small charge is applied as an intake fee to get you started.
(appointment needed)

Custom Packages

We also provide custom studio packages to fit your training needs. Make an appointment for details.


Workshops will take place on weekends and the subject matter varies. (graphic design, digital illustration, and 3D modeling, and game production)

Graphic Design Workshops

Some of the best designers in the graphic design profession don’t really draw pictures. Working with color, balance and graphic elements, a skilled graphic designer coordinates layout and design for all kinds of projects, such as magazine layout, book cover design, advertisements, billboards, websites, etc. In the graphic design workshop you will get experience in multiple programs, with attention to vector graphics. We will work with type, shapes, and other graphic elements to get a good feel for designing material that is ready for print and web.

Digital Illustration Workshops

Illustration on the computer is a very forgiving medium, and learning the tools to manipulate raster graphics is an important cornerstone to any field in computer art technology. Having traditional arts skills is helpful, but technology can speed up the learning curve for beginners. Whether you draw or manipulate photos, these workshops will give you the basic skills to get started making art using a digital tablet monitor.

3D Modeling Workshops

The vast world of 3D modeling and animation can seem foreboding at first. We give you the jump start you need to learn to model, sculpt in digital space using a digital tablet, understand texturing your 3D models. Lights, camera… action!

Game Production Workshops

Coming soon.