When learning a new software package, sometimes it’s good to just jump in with both feet and create something. In this training we’ll do just that as we create a little creature from scratch. We’ll cover methods of working with polygon geometry using several of Blender’s modeling tools. We’ll learn to shape and sculpt our mesh using a multi-resolution workflow. This step-by-step training is designed to be a quick look at Blender and allow us to get the feel of working on a small project, without bogging down in the details of the interface or blasting you with every workflow possibility. Once you’re done, you can decide if it appeals to you and which areas you might be more interested in.

The 3D Modeling Workshop is a full day (8 hour) workshop to introduce client to 3D modeling. 

Understand the principles of modelling
Create 3D models with simple colors
Create your own materials
UV map and unwrap your models


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